Winter Shooting (starting from 18 Sep 17)

The Sleaford Maltsters meet at the Northgate Sports Centre, Carres Grammar School Northgate, Sleaford NG34 7DD on Monday and Friday nights during the winter months.

Monday 6pm - 8pm 5:45 to help set up please.

Friday 7pm - 9pm 6:45 to help set up please.

There is a viewing area upstairs that can be used for adults/parents wishing to view.

Summer Shooting (Last outdoor session: 15 Sep 17)

During the summer the club meets at the Sleaford Sports Association Ground, Boston Road, Sleaford NG34 9GH on Monday and Friday nights.

6 pm - till Dusk - Arrival 10-15 mins early to help set up would be appreciated