Here is a list of competitions in the local area. For more information on rounds and shooting in competitions please see our Links page.

Date Event Host Round Entry Form Results
October 2016      
Sunday 9th October County Clout Boston GNAS Two Way Clout   Results
November 2016          
Sunday 6th November Worcester Friskney Worcester   Results
December 2016          
Sunday 5th December Fita 18m Friskney Fita 18m   Results
January 2017          
Sunday 8th January Vegas Friskney Vegas   Results
February 2017          
Sunday 5th February Portsmouth Friskney Portsmouth    
Sunday 19th February Brass Monkey Boston American    
March 2017          
Sunday 5th March Worcester Friskney Worcester    
Sunday 12th March LCAS Indoor Champs Silver Spoon Portsmouth