Competitions & Results Summer 2015

Date Event Host Round Entry Form Results
April 2015          
Sunday 6th April York Hereford and Bristol Friskney York Hereford Bristol Entry Form Results
Sunday 26th April St George, Albion & Windsors Silverspoon St George Entry Form  
May 2015      
Sunday 3rd May York, Hereford & Bristols Lincoln York, Hereford, Bristol Enrty Form Cancelled
Sunday 10th May County Windsor Friskney Windsor Entry Form Results
June 2015          
Sunday 7th June County Champs Pilgrim York, Hereford, Bristol Entry Form Results
Saturday 13th June Western Sleaford Western Entry Form Results
Sunday 21st June York, Hereford & Bristols Friskney York, Hereford & Bristols  


27th & 28th June EMAS Lincoln Double WA 1440 & Junior Metrics Entry Form Results
July 2015          
Sunday 12th July County WA1440 & Junior Metrics Sleaford County & Open WA1440 & Junior Metrics Entry Form Results
August 2015          
Sunday 23rd August Silver Trophy Shoot Silverspoon York, Hereford & Bristols Entry Form Results
Sunday 23rd August Charity Shoot Friskney Fita 720    
Sunday 30th August WA70, 60 & 50 with Head to Head Lincoln 70m, 60m 50m Entry Form Results
September 2015          
Sunday 13th September Dennis Ingham Memorial Shoot Friskney York, Hereford & Bristols Entry Form