The Club


Club Membership runs from 1st February to 31st January and prices are as follows:-

Adults £40

Children £20

The club offers concessions for families and other groups.


The club is affliated to Archery GB, East Midlands Archery Society (EMAS) and Lincolnshire Archery Society (LCAS). In addition to Club membership, members pay these fees from 1st October to 30th September as follows:-

Adult £54

Student 18-24yrs £16.50

Children £16.50

Beginners Courses

The next Beginners Course is currently full. The Beginners Course is a five consecutive week course where you will be shown how to shoot safely at 20yds and be given the information on how to continue in archery after completion of the course. The five week course costs £40 per adult and £25 per child and includes the use of all equipment.

We also run Taster Days and these are run on Mondays.

Please contact Angela by using our contact form if you are interested in booking a place or finding out more information.

252 Badge Scheme

During the summer months the club are offering the 252 Badge Scheme for any archers who wish to participate. The scheme involves an archer shooting a score of 252 or more with 6 rounds of 6 arrows. There are badges that can be awarded for the following distances: 20yds, 30yds, 40yds, 50yds, 60yds, 80yds and 100yds. If you have any questions talk to one of the coaches or a committee member.

Portsmouth Badge Scheme

During the winter months the club are offering the Portsmouth Badge Scheme for any archers who wish to have a go; please talk to a committee member.

Archery Events

If you are planning an event and are thinking of featuring archery, then Sleaford Maltsters can help. Here is some information about archery events. For more information please contact Angela.